Friday, September 10, 2010

An Empty Cup

I just listened to one hour and seventeen minutes of another one of President Obama's continued hollow sermon, “just continue to believe in my words and my ideas of hope.” Don't be put off that in the past 19 months my “words” and “ideas” did not materialize – they will. Just believe and they will.

That would be fine if he had anything to back that up. His persistent timidity and gutless complicity with the Elitist Republicans and their Corporate benefactors has left this country wanting. The conflicting and contradicting realities are self-manifest everywhere. Here's some sobering reading: Arianna Huffington: Obama Insists He Made "The Right Decisions" on the Economy -- The Struggling Middle Class Begs to Differ. On Democracy Now this morning: Arianna Huffington on Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning The Middle Class And Betraying the American Dream.

President Obama had a “point” message or theme that he enunciated throughout his litany, i.e., “help the middle-class.” From a substantive reality point of view, everything he's done since taking office is talk about how well he's helping poor and middle-class America while all the time he's helped the banks so they could foreclose on millions of Americans and an untold number of businesses.

You can always tell the seriousness of an individual by how well they answer a question. President Obama's ability to speak for prolonged minutes at a time and never ever address the specific point of the question is raised to an art form.

Obviously, the character and substance of any political "leader" is of paramount importance. Accepting the offerings of a corrupt system, parties that are all bought and paid for produces an empty cup. An empty cup of hope most all American's are forced to fill with their worthless dollars, homes and businesses.

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