Thursday, September 16, 2010

Humbug Blogs 2 Step

[UPDATE Below]

I occasionally go through a list of local blogs to see what seems to be important and how people are responding. It's a great way to learn or measure the online pulse of the community. The Report has its favorites to be sure, but we're always searching for new blogs to add to our list. This list isn't by any means all inclusive.

I'm going to visit a list of local blogs and note some of their entries, follow some of the comments and make some observations. Be interesting to see what develops.

The first blog was the North Coast Journal. Maybe I missed it, but somewhere along the line the name was changed to simply the Journal. The Web address is still the same:
The Journal's News story by Ryan Burns is: HookedBlood, masochism and the shocking thrill of human suspension. It comes replete with a video. Here is where, "seeing is believing." Some locals didn't think much of the Journal's idea of this story. Guess that's why we get sanitized news coverage most of the time. May be distasteful, but these things are going on in our communities and we need to know about them.

Number 2) SoHum Parlance II - My list starts with:
  1. Warren in? - Report on Pres. Obama's appointment of Elizabeth Warren. 
  2. Harvest Fiesta at Garberville Town Square - Notices of Garberville activities.
  3. Gross! - Eric's dislike for The Journal's Hooked cover. - 68 comments.
    • Eric and some others seem to think the picture offends children's tender sensibilities. This is why we have laws, to try to protect us from a minority trying to tell us how to think and what to do in a FREE America. A couple of weeks ago they were all trying to tell parents what books their children should read in school. 
Number 3) Ernie's Place - He likes to talk about the "Old Timers" is Southern Humboldt.
  1. No Folks... This Ain't Kristabel's Kitchen! - Ernie's giving lessons on how to make and bake an apple pie.
    • Kristabel it seems is the Chocolate Covered Xanax - What can I say? Ernie's trying to compete or maybe, taking lessons? 
  2. Love, hope, and charity, in a rip-off world. - Ernie's definition of what it means to be charitable in our ever-growing time of needs. 
Number 4) Redheaded Blackbelt - Another Southern Humboldt blog of interest. The titles define the interest.
Number 5) The Coffee Shop - This is a political blog - always of interest and informative, from a certain point of view.
  1. 9/12
  2. I see lots of "American color"
  3. If Gitmo and Abu Ghraib commanders had only known
    • that they could string people up by tuna hooks stuck in the skin on their backs, twirl them around while blood dripped from the piercings as people stood around cheering and getting their rocks off - that this would be considered COOL - if they had only known, waterboarding would have been totally unnecessary. Torture is merely erotic self expression. Dontcha know?
    • Hooked - Blood, masochism and the shocking thrill of human suspension - NC Journal.
    • We remember
    • ...and many more.
Number 6) The Humboldt Herald - Always interesting to compare what Rose has to say over at the Coffee Shop with Heraldo. Each have their own distinct agenda. 
  1. Humboldt Growers: Excellent but Too Independent?
Number 8) Fred's Humboldt Blog
  1. Cops on cameras - A video everyone should watch. Cameras provide very little protection when the police are authorized and equipped to act like Special Forces troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Number 8) Sports and food lovers blogs: Samoa Soft Ball and Planet Taperass
Number 9) HIGHBOLDTAGE - Politics and Music in Humboldt County
Number 10) The Arcata Eye - Mostly Arcata stuff.

Then there is the Times-Standard Forum - Topix:
Always a lot of conversation there.

Well, thats the rundown for this time. As you can see, each blog has its special interests and followers. The subjects that interest these bloggers and their following comments give a fair idea of what the online crowd thinks or believes is relevant and important in their lives and in their respective communities. Some serious thought, but mostly on peripheral issues.

[UPDATE :: Wednesday, September 15, 2010]

Ryan Burns adds a comment on Eric Kirk's disgruntled response about the North Coast Journal's cover story about fishhooks in the back and suspension. So far Eric's little blurb about this issue has produced 132 comments. The online conversation broached a couple of serious issues that no one wanted to consider. A good reading if you want to see how people justify their elitist's right to tell everyone that they don't see as equal to them what do and how to think. When all else fails, they use their children's tender sensitivities that they think needs protecting. In the meantime their tender, sensitive babies grow up to face a brutal, murderous, Dark Age world without the capacity to survive, either spiritually, mentally or physically.

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