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What Does the Obama Murder of an U.S. Citizen Mean?

[UPDATE Below  ::  Authorities shoot, kill murder suspect Aaron Bassler; suspect had finger on trigger, officials say] [UPDATE II] [UPDATE III]

What Does Obama's Due-Process-Free Assassination - Murder of a U.S. Citizen Mean for YOU?

All nations derive their ultimate right to legally exist from the Universe and it's Arbitrary Law governing all matter. Consequently, it means the total delegitimazation of the United States as a valid country with the Universal right to continue existing as a legal entity. President Barach Obama's criminal conduct resulting in the deliberate crimal murder of an American citizen in an open and complete violation of the United States Constitution establishes or codifies America's total anarchy as a rogue nation in this world. The American people are now faced with the same choice as their founding fathers faced with England's tyranny.

If, as most people are like you, the reader, unable to understand the significance of legal or legitimate existence, as either by an individual or as an individual country in a world of nations or legally existing countries, then for especially Humboldt and Mendocino Counties and in particular for the citizens of Eureka California, accept that it means this:

It means the same thing, complete impunity for murder by accusation. Whip up a mob and you're free to kill anyone with total abject impunity.

A good example of what's going on locally right now is this matter of some anonymous individual claiming the a guy named Aaron Bassler killed some wonderful person named Jere Mello. So, the Mendocino Sheriff's department has a kill on sight or is it "kill or capture"? There is no proof and no probable cause presented anywhere, but that certainly does not deter the locals from their blood lust. Look at Eric Kirks latest perverted statement, "Melo Shooting Suspect Exchanges Gunfire with Law Enforcement." There is absolutely NO PROOF that what he claims is the truth. All anyone has is the Mendocino County Sheriff's Press Release. A good example of the local blood lust is referenced in Kirk's post at Kym Kemp's blog: Aaron Bassler And Law Enforcement Exchanged Shots Today. -- Again, no proof. Only the self-serving News Release from the Sheriff's Department offered as god's-gospel truth. Reading the comments on her blog will make most decent Americans ashamed such people are their neighbors.

Here are the relevant links from the Times-Standard -- No solid reporting here, only repeated Press Releases.
4) Search for suspected gunman in Melo shooting continues; Link between deaths of councilman, land trust employee not ruled out - 09/01/2011
5) Officials: Bassler wanted in two shooting deaths - 09/03/2011 
[Authorities said they have obtained an arrest warrant for suspect Aaron Bassler, 35, in connection with the shooting deaths of Matthew Coleman and Melo, but did not given further details on how the crimes were connected.]
6) Murder suspect Aaron Bassler still at large; DNA evidence places him at Aug. 11 killing - 09/27/2011
7) Fort Bragg murder suspect fires upon officers Thursday; sheriff's deputies unhurt, return about 10 shots - 9/30/2011

It was here that company came and I wasn't able to publish this post. Before turning off the computer, this news article from the AP confirmed the Aaron Bassler had been shot down like a mongrel dog just like howObama gunned down Anwar al-Awlaki. Sheriff Thomas Allman of Mendocino County wants everyone to trust and believe in him when says Aaron Bassler is guilty just like Barack Obama's accusatory claims. 

Need I say anything more? The proof is what it is: Authorities: CA slayings suspect killed in manhunt - When he "raised his high-powered rifle."

[UPDATE :: Sunday, October 2, 2011]
Authorities shoot, kill murder suspect Aaron Bassler; suspect had finger on trigger, officials say is the headline in today's Times-Standard.

REALLY? More newspaper propaganda justifying police lawless action. Read what Allman says happened, if you can believe what Kaci Poor reports for the Times-Standard:

The team, positioned approximately 40 yards away from and 25 feet above Bassler, identified him by his black clothing and the high-powered rifle he was carrying. Without making verbal contact, the team fired seven shots into Bassler's chest. Bassler did not return fire before he died. 
According to Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman, while there was never a shoot-to-kill order made by commanding officers, the SWAT team had sufficient cause to fire on Bassler without first establishing verbal contact
Bassler had his finger on the trigger of his gun, a round in the chamber and the safety off, Allman said. It was evident by that, and his previous actions, that any contact with law enforcement officers would be met with “deadly and lethal engagement,” he said.
"It was evident" that someone put in that position would try to defend themselves, but where was the proof that this "someone" was Aaron Bassler? Someone was wearing black clothes and carrying a rifle and  that's all anyone knew. "Bassler had his finger on the trigger"? "The safety off"? "A round in the chamber"? What divine power gave these god-almighty judges that insight at "40 yards away"? Bassler's murder is no different than that of Anwar al-Awlaki.

It all starts with vilifying the Awlaki's and the Basslers and the Cottens of this world. It ends with your son or daughter, maybe even your father or mother that attends the Unity Church of the Redwoods.

For those of you that often wondered what Karma meant? Please observe the precise definition as it is played out, defined and enforced upon America. [Emphasis added]

[UPDATE II :: Monday, October 3, 2011]
The depths of moral depravity and wanton criminal behavior by all parts of government that is encompassing the United States viciously impressed upon the people is illustrated in the following quoted article and is a related, rather extensive point regarding state-sanctioned murder based completely upon a simple accusation: "It was evident (to Sheriff Tom Allman for sure) by that, (after-the-fact supposed probable-cause evidence) "his finger on the trigger of his gun, a round in the chamber and the safety off" - that any contact with law enforcement officers would be met with 'deadly and lethal engagement.'" On that account we must take Sheriff Tom Allman's word, because summarily executing the boy foreclosed on any of the proof.
In the article by Glenn Greenwald: So much evidence, there’s no need to show it - posted today, we see the issue and what drives the depravity:
That mentality — he’s a Terrorist because my Government said he’s one and I therefore don’t need evidence or trials to subject that evidence to scrutiny — also happens to be the purest definition of an authoritarian mentality, the exact opposite of the dynamic that was supposed drive how the country functioned (Thomas Jefferson: “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in men, but bind him down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution“).  I trust My President and don’t need to see evidence or have due process is the slavish mentality against which Jefferson warned; it’s also one of the most pervasive ones in much of the American citizenry, which explains a lot.
Yes, the lawless, anarchistic, mob mentality explains a lot. What value life compared to someone's worthless opinion?

[UPDATE III  ::  Monday, October 3, 2011]
The HILL'S Blog Briefing Room: Rep. Ron Paul sees Awlaki killing as 'possible' impeachable offense - And that's the test of American will to see if they've got the guts enforce the Constitution.

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