Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who Knew? "We Are the 99%"

Extra Benefits of Supporting the "Occupy Movement"

Link Between Financial Crisis and Medical Illness - A little know or accepted reality - The root cause of sickness.
 DR. GABOR MATÉ: Well, you know, among the many inequities in a society are the ones that this protest has brought to light, the inequitable distribution of wealth and power. But what is not so generally realized, that this society also makes people sick. Fifty percent of American adults have a chronic medical illness, and much of that has to do with stress. And if you look at the literature on what causes stress, it’s uncertainty and lack of information and loss of control and lack of expression of self. And the uncertainty that has been forced upon the American population by the recent economic crisis, the loss of control as power has flown into the hands of very, very few people, and the absolute powerlessness of the many in the face of all that, and the lack of expression through the ordinary political process, people are totally disempowered and deprived of their voice. This protest addresses all those issues. So I can only say that this is an extraordinarily healthy thing to happen. People who participate here will be healthier for it as a result, and maybe society, in general, as well. And one more thing, as well. There was a study just this morning that parents who are stressed, they’re not as tuned in to their kids. They’re not as connected to their kids. So when society stresses people, like the current economic uncertainty and crisis does, children are not getting what they need. So this protest, as well, speaks to the needs of children as much as to the needs of adults in general. So that’s why I’m so gratified to see all this.
Dr. Gabor Maté is a Vancouver, Canada-based physician and bestselling author. Similarly to myself he observes, "As somebody who reached political consciousness in the 1960s, just when John Carlos did his famous salute at the Olympics, it’s gratifying to see that the thirst and the demand for justice and power and people’s rights wasn’t restricted to one generation or one time only but is very much alive in America." [Emphasis added]

The rest of the interview can been read here at Democracy Now.

The total looting of the America people and their worldly counterparts of their value as individuals and as countries, their laws, moral and ethical character and what everyone considers the measure of their value is nearly complete. Dr. Gabor Maté explains the ultimate objective - DEATH.

As a side note to learning more about this movement, Dave Stancliff's As It Stands Sunday, October 9, 2011, 'American Uprising' -- ongoing  demonstration for equality is worth reading. An observation worth noting he says, "This blacklash [sic] has no leaders, but the overall message is clear; things have t change." He clearly understands the "message," and makes the observation, but typically does not understand the relevance of no apparent leader or leaders. What he and most others, at least the human species 'others' don't see is that life on this planet is moving from a vertical authoritarian, dictatorial, corrupt, believer-motivated system some call Democracy to a horizontal, intention-motivated system. A system that doesn't need corrupt leaders that betray their country, its Constitution and people or traitor banks and too big to fail corporations. Dave Stancliff is right when he calls it an "American Uprising." He concludes by asking: "As It Stands, can you hear them? The voices ringing out across the land"? The answer is, "NO"! But they will soon enough - That is when the people, in particular those with some small measure of personal value or worth, those demonstrators or protesters that stand for themselves realize that asking for permission is a waste of time and stop cooperating. [Source]

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