Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UPDATE: How Your Elected Representatives Work for You

[UPDATE :: Tuesday, October 25, 2011]

I came across this on Eric Kirk's blog yesterday:

Open Thread on Friday Night’s Meeting

and was totally repulsed and personally offended by the comments of these self-righteous, sanctimonious hypocrits that I read by both him and Ernie Branscomb - two local businessmen operating in the Garberville area for years. There are dead people buried in those hills and several generations of people raised in that criminal culture - a culture that spans all parts of society including all the business people that washed that criminal money in their decades-long efforts to justify their crimes by feigning ignorance and a natural right. The untold millions of criminal dollars that has washed through and over Humboldt County ALONE touches or has touched everyone, including this writer one way or another, with its cancerous corrupt tentacles. The elites of Southern Humboldt try to put on a pretty face for everyone to see believing that they are inoculated from the disease. Problem is, the rancid, rotten smell from their festering pussy sore and the residual excrement can't be ignored anymore. (No pun intended.)

How Your Elected (SoHum) Representatives Work for You  

[Note: "SoHum" means, Southern Humboldt and now, decades that picture is synonymous for Garberville, CA]

Why "synonymous"? Because it tells you something about the character of Garberville. Not the character today, but when that sign first proclaimed "WELCOME! The friendly folks are here to serve you good stuff." The welcoming and accepting hand was out for everyone. You could go into Garberville and be served in your dirty, dusty logging duds right alongside a family in their Sunday best that just came from church.  I know, I did both. It didn't matter who you were, you all got the same - the best they had to offer.

Well, this is what the local business people in Garberville have to offer today. Impressions of a Homeless Meeting - Kym Kemps latest on the homeless people's situation in Garberville. Since I referenced her original article: Even Laundry Nazi’s Get Hurt Feelings it's only appropriate to follow up.

Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of her article, (1) Ernie's view and (2) Eric's view - One a true blue Elitist and the other a wannabe Elitist. Actually, one is a lawyer and the other some sort of businessman and community leader - I'll let you figure out who's who.

If there is one thing the "Occupy" people are demonstrating, is that all politicians are bought and paid for whores. The question everyone needs to ask is, who is the worst one? The Pimps that pay off these corrupt prostitutes or their willing patrons? In Southern Humboldt it doesn't take long to figure out who the Pimps are.

There is a simple truth in the World, a truth wannabe Elitist never seem to understand: People must live - Life lives one way or another. Take away all the jobs, kick people out of their homes, what are they going to do? Just blow away or die? People like Eric Kirk and Ernie Branscomb that suck off this Capitalist Whore want all the benefits of the deprivation they cause and exploit, but no part of the responsibility for what they've had a part in causing.

There's another Universal Truth most people never ever seem to learn, that is, until it's way too late: "You shall always reap what you sow" - For the Kirks and the Branscombs of this world that means: "What goes around ALWAYS comes around."


  1. Yes indeed. The way business is conducted in Garberville, you had better have a big wad of cash in your pocket or a Visa Card to use their 3 versatile teller machines! I was traveling homeward Northbound, when I attempted to buy some groceries in the local store and they told me they would not accept checks or credit cards. I blame the greedy bankers for making the it so costly for small business to accept this monetary transaction. Greed and control is exactly how they play, and its not by any rules my Dad taught me. The sleeping Giant has awoken.

  2. What happens when they get away with ALL the money?