Saturday, October 29, 2011

From where does the rot come?

[Update below]
Many people are still in a quandary as to what the Occupy Movement wants or what it is all about. The Elite's want them to have leaders they can attack. They want them to have ideas and beliefs to attack. The Uber Rich and their warmongering politicians want these people to conform the their failed way, get in line and continue doing what you are told to do. 

Clearly, the joke is on them, though. The purpose of this worldwide movement is there for all to see. The simple truth of why there is such an inability to see and understand what is going on is the almost total delegitimizing corruption that has completely looted this country and the world of everything valuable. The Ruling Elite's efforts to dehumanize the majority of humanity has run into a serious problem. Many of these people refuse to accept the lie that they are worthless degenerates wanting an equality of which they legally or morally possess no right. They are in the process of taking back what they rightfully possess, the Earth. Even if it is only a dirty little plaza in the middle nowhere.

In Southern Humboldt there is the town of Garberville, it has a small park. Business people in Garberville, those without any shame, proudly proclaims its past 50 years business survival was its almost total subsistence on the ill-gotten, criminal marijuana money. The social deprivation of Garberville and surrounding communities by these people, as they try to justify their amoral needs, has led to generations of social corruption and lawlessness. One of these business people, Eric Kirk, also publishes the blog SoHum Parlance II. This man, as I understand it, is also a practicing lawyer or attorney. He recently posted: Open Thread on Friday Night's Meeting which was about the blight cause by the homeless and transients and the apparent efforts of the locals to deal with the problem. This situation is kind of a mini-occupy Garberville. After reading some of the comments, I posted a short observation about how the business people were part and party to the lawlessness of the past 50 years through their, what amounted to, criminal money laundering business activities. As such, they had compromised their integrity and legitimacy as a people, and a community. To me, the stench of these business people and their supporter's hypocrisy far acceded the smell they claim ravages their town as a result of no public facilities for homeless garbage and feces. As such, their current situation was of their own making.

So, where does the rot come? Where does that total corrupt thinking, base amoral being of the believer that justifies the total lawlessness and that unaccountable criminal behavior? The following exchange in the blog post listed above might give you a hint:  My comment: 
“Every businessman or woman with established businesses that knowingly takes money, does businesses with criminals, by definition launders money. Just because these business people have a symbiotic relationship with law enforcement and the courts does not justify or legitimize the crimes or the criminals. Ernie Branscomb’s position on this matter is there for everyone to read. He made this an issue, not me. Just because the whole community wants to absolve itself of any responsibility for its actions all these years, present conditions say otherwise. People are fond of telling me, “Sh*t happens.” Well, all I’m saying is, “Live with it.” I don’t like it either. I have nothing but contempt for those that think they have and had the right to take that “dump” right in my front yard and then blame me for having such a nice yard that they could use.”
“Well, that pretty much includes everyone who does business, pretty much everywhere. Because crime in many forms is a significant chunk of GDP.”
Why is the hypocrisy of such a laissez faire attitude coming from a practicing attorney NOT a total surprise? 94% of the politicians with the most money win elections. The government and its judicial system are totally bought and paid for by criminal money – so according to lawyer Eric Kirk, the total worth or value of the United States is based upon criminal money, that makes everything (all crime) justifiable.

So, where does the rot come? It comes from a lifetime of the totally corrupt, lawless thinking of wannabe Elitist Parasites as they practice their dark art of lying, accusing, looting and murdering while posing for all to see as self-righteous, holier-than-thou, born of God, paragon's of all things righteous and perfect

[UPDATE :: Saturday, October 29, 2011] Here's another example of ROT, of a sick, sorry apologetic promoting the status quo at the expense of the deaths of innocent young people. Juan Cole's "Why a No-Fly Zone won’t Work in Syria" - is really a misnomer disguised as a plausible reality. When all he's really doing is defending Barck Obama's current gutless policies while trying to excuse away and justify his (their) duplicitous fecklessness corruption.

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