Friday, November 18, 2011

The Root Of All Evil

"Acting upon the lie."

Here is the top story on the Humboldt Herald blog since yesterday, November 17, 2011, where he publishes title the story for the Lost Coast Outpost blog. Please note Hank Sims' words about the police, “responses to the Occupy 'Threat'.” My question on Humboldt Herald was and is, why use the word “'Threat'” when referencing the so-called "Occupy" people? Specifically, "What makes the “Occupy” (movement) a threat?" In the 27 comments, no one answered my question.

Eureka drama kings vs. level-headed Arcata

November 17, 2011
 Posted by Heraldo

Do these people look like some sort of a threat to you? Think maybe there's a big gun in that bag that's a threat to the police?

One person, Ponder Z, did say: "Not a threat, a NUISANCE, and an embarrassment !!!!" But, didn't really address the issue of “why they actually pose a 'threat' to anyone? If you read Hank Sims' post and, no doubt why 'Heraldo' highlighted the article, is that he's really asking the same question, “What makes the Occupy Movement such a threat”?

Thadeus Greenson writes:
On Oct. 25, County Administrative Officer Phillip Smith-Hanes penned a letter to protesters explaining that they had every right to peacefully assemble and protest but asking them to voluntarily take down their tents, pointing out that camping in non-designated public spaces is prohibited under the Eureka Municipal Code, section 93.02. 
"Penned a letter" when these so-called "protesters" were clearly breaking the law? WHY? Is this how law enforcement works when they see a crime? Write the offender a letter? Give them an indeterminate amount of time to voluntarily stop their criminal behavior? Why didn't the Sheriff or the Chief of Police act? Why did they blow this situation clear out of proportions and make it a "Federal Case"? After several weeks the city and county knowingly and deliberately allowed these people to "camp" in violation of clearly understood and accepted law, they lost their legitimate right to act against them. What they did, the City Council, the Board of Supervisors, Sheriff and EPD was deliberately create a pretense to brutalize and criminalize these people. Adding to that obscenity, it looks like they were setting up Councilwoman Linda Atkins as well.

You've got the Eureka Police Department castigating Councilwoman Linda Atkins like she's some sort of terrorist sympathizer that has betrayed her own people for simply talking to them about their predicament situation. Which is exactly what the relevant and responsible people should have done themselves long before Linda Atkins found the need. Hank Sims suggests:
Everyone should read Thad Greenson’s fascinating story today on the leadup to the first Eureka Police Department raid on Occupy Eureka. Particularly interesting is the Eureka Police Officers Association’s attack on Councilmember Linda Atkins for “leaking” the fact that the EPD was planning to bust up the encampment. Greenson quotes a letter from the EPOA that was circulated at Tuesday night’s Eureka City Council meeting: [Read the rest here.]  
The problem with such words like “Occupy 'Threat'” is that when systematically and repeatedly used, they create and sustain a false illusion that when acted upon makes that illusion or lie become the reality or truth. Everyone accepts that truth and reinforces that fact. It should be noted that Thadeus Greenson is no stranger to that practice, and in particular when it comes to his reporting police actions. One has but only read his words in the very first paragraph in Police association blasts councilwoman:
The Eureka Police Officers' Association board of directors alleges (filthy lying accusation) Councilwoman Linda Atkins “leaked” plans to raid the Occupy Eureka encampment to protesters earlier this month, putting officers, demonstrators and the general public at increased risk.
This sounds like the paranoid rantings of a bunch weak-kneed wimps that are absolutely scared to death of their own shadows. That includes the Eureka Police Officers' Association, which are the Eureka Police Department and their masters, most of the City Council and supportive so-called Elites in this community. Hank Sims says: “Isn’t the EPD misreading its foe, here? These aren’t armed terrorists.” [Emphasis added] 
Actually, I don't think they are “misreading” anyone. Certainly not the people making up the Occupy Movement or Linda Atkins and her supporters. That said, again the particular use of words used such as, “police blasts councilwoman,” “Occupy Eureka crackdown,” “foe,” “alleges,” “increased risk,” and “Occupy 'Threat'” are the real issue. These words stigmatize and brand well intentioned and essentially peaceful people trying to do what they legally believe they have a right to do. Standing for their rights sends the message that their lives count just as much as those in control using the laws arbitrarily made to suppress, subordinate and oppress - to deny legal rights. There is a real threat to these oligarch, dictatorial, corrupt politicians and their enforcers are acutely aware of. Proof of that is in their whole attitude, demeanor and their coordinated aggressive bullying campaign. The Occupy Movement strikes right at the heart of their legitimacy to exist in any form and they know it.
My father often said that what gave the G.I.s in World War II the advantage over the Germans is that the Americans could think for himself, act and take charge when necessary. Take out or kill the German officers and the fight was over. Those Elitist Oligarch's that would rule this country and the World learned that lesson well. They've had a long time to brainwash the American people into believing that the lives of the police and their political masters are more valuable than that average citizen. That the average person is incapable of thinking or living for themselves and need a strong authoritarian police force to tell the common citizen how to live. It's easy to see when you watch the police interact with the demonstrators – they, the police, believe they have the right to put their hands on anyone anyway they want, men or women. That didn't work so well in Egypt when those people decided if they were going to “count too” and they were going to maintain any sort of dignity as men, that stopped. Egyptian-style policing in Eureka will go the same way. It's only a matter of time.

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