Saturday, November 5, 2011

Will the Real Matt Owen Please Stand Up

I'm writing about the “Matt Owen” that got a rather lengthy MY WORD opinion published Friday, November 4, 2011, called “Occupy Eureka: Hopefully, a peaceful resolution.” Maybe what he wrote says more about the Editor's of the Times-Standard newspaper than it does about himself. He clearly does not admittedly understand what the “Occupy” movement is all about, yet here he is telling everyone why he thinks they should be summarily dealt with. Here we have groups of people all over the World and the United States taking a stand for their legally guaranteed Constitutional right to petition their governments for redress of grievances. Unfortunately, you can't petition anyone until the agree to recognize and accept you – ONLY then will they hear you. Matt Owen has clearly decided that these people, the dregs of society, are unfit and therefore unworthy to be heard let alone seen. Which begs the question, what kind of a person is the “real Matt Owen”?

We know that other such citizen movements removed, but not necessarily replaced,  decades old authoritarian, dictatorial despots with the purpose of establishing an incorrupt Democratic government that actually worked for and represented the BEST interests of the people. Ever wonder how such murderous criminals could stay in power for so long at the total detriment of the majority (99%) of the people? You'll find the answer to that question contained in Matt Owen's words and attitude as expressed within [his (worthless) opinion]. Opinions promoted and based upon the exceptionalism of the despot; the wannabe Elitist tyrants. Everyone of these individuals Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, Bashar al-Assad, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Joseph Stalin to name only seven historical individuals retained their power because of people like Matt Owen.

The Occupy Movement has a clear and distinct message. Despots and tyrants and their supporters are always unable to understand that message. Every bully I ever dealt with NEVER saw what was staring them right in the face. When the confrontation was all over, they never could figure out what had happened.

The following is an excerpt from Glenn Greenwald's Saturday, November 5, 2011, article: The Drone Mentality – in both senses of the word. It's relevant because what Glenn Greenwald lays out here is the foundation also demonstrated by Matt Owen for same way to deal with everyone associated with the Occupy Movement or the 99% of Americans being dispossessed. I would also like to point out that the same mentality is also demonstrated by four other individuals: Dave Stancliff, Ernie Branscomb, Eric Kirk and Kimberly Wear of the Times-Standard newspaper. Here is Greenwald speaking about the movement:
“Over the last week, I had the genuine privilege of spending substantial amounts of time with participants in the truly inspiring Occupy movement around the country, including visiting Occupy Oakland on Thursday. This same dynamic is at play there. Many sneer at the protest encampments because they include the homeless, the unstable, the “dirty,” the jobless, and those who are otherwise downtrodden, dispossessed and unable to live decent lives. Much of that sneering is due to the desire that these people remain hidden from sight, invisible, so that we can avoid facing the reality of what our society has produced on a large scale (having Dirty, Disobedient People be part of a movement vaguely associated with liberalism also harms the ability of progressive media stars to maintain their access to the Halls of Seriousness). But they are and should be part of that movement precisely because the disappearance of the middle class and booming wealth and income inequality produces exactly this type of human suffering. There are those who love to parade around as supporters of the marginalized and poor who prefer that they remain silent and invisible — distant abstractions — because being viscerally confronted with their human realness is unpleasant and uncomfortable. That’s exactly why victims of President Obama’s relentless drone attacks remain invisible and many prefer to keep it that way — it’s best not to confront the reality of the misery that one’s policies wreak — and it’s exactly why everything should be done to prevent that disappearing from happening.”
Matt Owen's concluding comments could come from any of Bashar al-Assad's supporters or Ali Abdullah Saleh's supporters or Hosni Mubarak's thug supporters: “I believe we all want to avoid the anarchy and violence, like what happened in Oakland the other night. Hopefully a peaceful resolution can be reached; otherwise law enforcement will enforce the laws.” I'm sure he does, since this Occupy Movement is standing directly AGAINST people like Matt Owen. Like the four individuals mentioned in the previous post: A knee-jerk is ALWAYS a knee-JERK they had ample time to stakeout their positions. 

So, Will the Real Matt Owen Please...

Here's a quote from Humboldt Herald's: 
Hodgson (North Coast Journal publisher Judy Hodgson) calls bullshit on Tyson’s cheerleaders August 3, 2011 and we all know who and what "Tyson's cheerleaders" are - Republicans: 
Supervisor Virginia Bass admits that it was her husband who suggested including a portion that he knew to be untrue:
Finally, on Tuesday, I got my answer via email from Virginia Bass.
”I take responsibility for the discussion and the inclusion of this portion of the article [both Journal and Bradlee references]. … Matthew (referring to her husband, Matthew Owen) suggested the inclusion of the comment by Benjamin Bradlee and Mike [Jones] and I thought it was appropriate.” [Emphasis added]
[Source] Jager/Owens [Source]

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