Saturday, November 12, 2011

Same difference – NO difference

Glenn Greenwald: Why the Washington Post won’t fire Jennifer Rubin

Joe Blow Report: Why the Times-Standard won't fire Dave Stancliff

Even though the resultant actions: “[D]id damage to The Post and the credibility that keeps it afloat.”

As they did damage to the Times-Standard and the credibility that keeps it afloat.

Just change the names, the individuals and businesses and Glenn Greenwald's argument fits exactly. It's about class warfare in the Middle East infecting the World and its about the same kind of class warfare right here in Eureka, CA. reaching into every household and community. With the same disparities, prejudices, hatreds, biases, bigotry and hatred and soul rotting corruption. These people that alienated themselves have had ample opportunity to demonstrate their truth, but clearly, they are unable, incapable or unwilling. Yet, in their own blind way, that is exactly what succeeded in doing. No guessing who or what they are now.

They remind me of the guy out in the logging woods that had to defecate and then stepped in his own poop. When he came back to work with the crew, no one could get within 100 feet of him. He, on the other hand, couldn't figure out what was their problem. To him, his crap “didn't stink,” – we all thought something died.

The fact is, something did die. That rotting corpse is right there in plain sight for everyone to see. Makes me believe we're all living in a land of zombies.

Race or class difference enforced by Jews against Palestinians and Wannabe Elitists Published reporters and Opinionators against low-class, subhuman Blog Writers are exactly the same. You might want to throw in the letter writers (Letters to the Editor) and  My Word Opinions as well. Therein lies a great example of the class distinction demonstrated in this community within the political, legal, judicial and law enforcement daily. Another good example of this are the people that are taking a stand in the Occupy Movements and the disparaging contempt expressed by the so-called financial and political Elite – the lines are drawn. The Times-Standard would have everyone believe what they offer fulfills their responsibility to the community's Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech. Might as well be out here in the mountains on a rainy, wind-blown day hollering at the trees for all the good it does.

Glenn Greenwald says:
“To put it mildly, Abrams’ (“by neocon royal family member Rachel Abrams”) post was bigoted, violence-inciting, and driven by hatred of the purest and most repellent strain.” 
Read what Dave Stancliff publicly wrote about me and then show me a difference. The fact is you can't. Substitute the names and institutions, i.e., Washington Post with the Times-Standard and the issue is the same, same bias, and same damage to the paper's credibility. Oh, they'll tell you Dave Stancliff is not on the payroll and what he writes, and I might add, what they publish, are his personal opinions they claim exempts them from any personal responsibility for his demonstrated attitudes, actions and conduct. Yet, they continue to publish him.

For some reason the people that run the Times-Standard news paper don't seem to care. That simple truth is what's most disturbing. You have to ask yourself the question, Why? Glenn, in his way answers this question as he concludes:
“Herein lies one of the great myths of American political culture: the media’s “objectivity.” No institution plays a greater role in restricting the terms of permissible debate in America than they do. The fact that they impose these limitations with such gross bias is bad enough; their self-praising insistence that they do no such things makes it that much worse. If the Post applied media standards equally to anti-Arab and anti-Israeli commentary, then Jen Rubin would be waiting on the unemployment line next to Rick Sanchez, Helen Thomas and Octavia Nasr. But it plainly does no such thing, and therefore she will remain exactly where she is. ” [Emphasis added]
As will Dave Stancliff.

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