Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[UPDATE] Non-Apology Apology – Silence

It's been 9 days since posting A knee-jerk is ALWAYS a knee-JERK and, true to form, glaring S I L E N C E – on this blog anyway. Sadly, these individuals seem unaware of what's really going on in our social order today, even though they are responsible for mountains of the aforementioned subject verbiage.

I gave these four individuals ample opportunity to take ownership of their attitudes and actions. In the face of their “non-apology apology” one must conclude that they don't believe I'm worth any consideration, let alone an apology. What they fail to understand is that their conduct, or in this particular situation where Dave Stancliff justifies what I wrote whether he intended to or not, defines the truth of him and everyone that supports him. What he said about me were sick lies based totally upon his personal biased opinions and egocentric worth. The “truth” is established by actions consistent with the lies. Their actions either establishes their legitimacy and credibility or refutes them. It puts them on record whether they like it or not.

Complicating matters, but also emphasizing their conduct, came in the form of a Letter to the Editor today, Wednesday, November 9, 2011, Times-Standard: We are not free:
Dave Stancliffs' column, “Next Stop, Africa: American Imperialism On The March” on Oct. 30 is one of the most outstanding pieces I have ever read in The Times-Standard. War and conquest is and always has been in the interests of the so-called ruling classes. America has been an imperialist nation from its very beginnings, starting with the native inhabitants. Our history is not pretty.
How profitable war is and for whom it is profitable should be obvious to any American with their eyes open. Cheney, et al, tell us that WMD are threatening our lives and safety, and off we go bombing a whole country, killing hundreds of thousands.
Meanwhile, private contractors are being hired with no bid contracts at pay rates that make a joke of the pay our armed forces are getting.
Haliburton and its subsidiaries were/are being hired and work with little to no accountability.
Could it be that Cheney, once CEO of Haliburton and still on their payroll while serving as vice president, could have had a role in that?
Recently, someone ranted at me that he had fought in a war for my freedom. Aside (mostly) from World War II, every other war we've fought was a war of conquest and profit.
Not profit for the mostly young people who fought and died, but profit for the powers that be who sent them to fight and die to make them richer.
Until we stop fighting and working for the top 1 percent, we are not free.
Sylvia De Rooy
Just a note on this letter that's glaringly indicative of the knee-jerk assumptions that always seems to give the one actually responsible, a pass. She says, "Cheney, et al, tell us that WMD are threatening our lives and safety, and off we go bombing a whole country, killing hundreds of thousands." It was the President of the United States, George W. Bush, that lied to the American people that is responsible for the lives of "hundreds of thousands" of innocent people.

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